You are a king which means you need to talk like one. If you would reign in life, you will need to exercise authority from time to time. You will need to “king down” upon your problems.

Kings exercise dominion by speaking. To paraphrase Ecclesiastes 8:4, “the word of the king has power.” When God’s kings speak God’s words, God backs it up with power. This is not to glorify the word spoken in faith but to draw attention to the Living Word who lives within you.

When you reveal Jesus, your words are supernaturally empowered to bring salvation to the lost and freedom to the captives. You can drive out demons and heal the sick just as he did. In fact, Jesus promised that those who believe in him would do exactly these sorts of things (Mark 16:17–18).

You may think, “But that’s not how things are done where I live. I’ve never experienced anything supernatural.”

But you have.

God called you out of darkness and you came.

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